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      Product Name:SNT-Vacuum homogeneous emulsifying machine
      Product Detailed:

      Brief description:

      With advanced German technologies, the machine is specially designed according to the techniques of paste making for cosmetics and ointments, and composed of pretreatment pot, vacuum emulsification mixer, vacuum pump, hydraulic system, reversing system, electrical control system, working platform, etc.

      The machine is suitable for cosmetics, pharmaceutical ointment, cream products, especially more efficient for emulsion configuration of materials with high viscosity or high solid-contented.


      v Squeegee: PTFE , cling to inner wall to clear cohesive materials, no residuals.

      v During the course of mixing(by rotation of gate agitator and its reverse mixing blade), materials are snipped, compressed and folded, then flow to homogenizer(at the bottom of the pot).

      v With strong power of snipping, impacting and tumbling generated between the rotor and stator, the materials are grinded into 200nm2μm particles quickly.

      v Materials can be micronized, emulsified, mixed, homogenized, dispersed in a short time.

      Process flow chart

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