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      Product Name:SNT-Reagent tube for medical consumable material
      Product Detailed:

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      Brief description:

      PLC controlled, the machine is composed of automatic tube-loader and two capping mechanisms. It is suitable for medical tubes, say, cone-shape centrifuge tubes, test tubes and cold storage tubes, etc.

      Smooth working, high FPY, no damage to tubes and caps, all these make best tube capping machine.


      v Germany-imported touch screen type human-computer interface control system.

      v Ingenious adoption of special material for capping head(no damage to tubes and caps).

      v Smooth working, easy to adjust filling objects, low failure rate.

      v Can be connected with previous printing machine, avoiding staining tubes owing to manual operation.

      v Eliminating and protecting devices can be added on requests.

      v Tailored machines are available according to your specific requirements.


      Main technical parameters: (reference only)

      Filling objects(samples)

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