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      Product Name:SNT-SXGZ3Automatic bottle filling
      Product Detailed:

      Brief description:

      Penicillin bottle filling capping machine are composed of automatic bottle-loader, filling mechanism and rubber plug capper mechanism。It is suitable for small dose preparations, say, injection, penicillin dissolvent, biological, etc.

      The machine can be operated separately, as well as worked with unscrambler, bottle washing machine, labeling machine, box packing machine, film packing machine to form working line.


      v Imported peristaltic pump: assure the filling precision.

      v PLC control with imported touch panel: control the connection of different work stations

      v Photoelectric sensor control system(South Korean brand)

      v Easy to adjust, operate and wash

      v Tailored machines are available according to your specific requirements.

      Filling objects(samples)

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